Saturday, January 11, 2014

Cozy morning just like our old days

Good old fashioned… 

well kind of… 

technology was definitely involved...

Saturday morning with my Mom and brother.

One thing I know for certain.

Time is something you will NEVER get back.

Make the most of the time you have.

Spend your time with the ones you love the most.

Headed to spend an a wonderful day in Nashville with some pretty special people!

Now, if Kent, Daddy, Hughes and Wiley were here…we would have a party! 

Happy Saturday everyone.

Cherish all the time you have with your loved ones.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Two Week Image Roundup

During Christmas Break...

 I haven't had any moments of epiphany, 

I haven't organized one closet

I haven't re-painted any baseboards

But let's not focus on what HASN'T been accomplished...

Let's take a quick look over what HAS happened.

Here are a few images that I found in my phone taken over the past two weeks!

Warning:  Some of these are VERY RANDOM.

The boys took a nap in our bed ALMOST every day!

Notice Hughes sleep mask he borrowed from me! :)

Mama, Daddy, Ben, and I are drinking 64 oz. of water every day beginning two days ago.

Well, Ben is THINKING about it.  

We send pics for accountability ...

Or I do..

And Daddy does...

Obviously, we are the visual learners out of the bunch.

I warned you.

Random:  I went to the grocery store.

Made a pile for the workers of the expired items.

Expired food in the grocery store is A HUGE PET PEEVE of mine!!!!

I sent this text image to Kent.  

Since we share the same pet peeve.

And Kent will throw away ANYTHING in our pantry and refrigerator that has an expiration date that is even NEARING on the calendar!

I knew he would understand.

Then, when what to my wandering I would appear...


and Feta


Happiness and Cheer!

SuperValu has Hummus and Feta...Feta they have had for a while...

But Hummus?  Santa Claus must have come to visit our local grocery store!

In the same grocery store visit, I found Kalamata Olives!!!


I already had some in the pantry, but I bought a jar, just so the manager would know there was a need for these beauties!!

Now, if they would stock sun dried tomatoes, life would be much simpler.

In our Sunday School Class daily devotion, I read the forward and thought of my Mother.

Yesterday, we finished up the last of the mozzarella cheese, with balsamic and brown sugar glaze over roasted cherry tomatoes marinated in olive oil, parsley, chives, and a touch of white onion.

Sometimes, I pretend I am Ina Garten. 

And take pictures of our food.

Told you to expect random.

The bottom of some of my favorite boots.  

I will continue to wear these.

In case you were wondering.  

When I can feel a draft on the bottom of my foot, I will get them resoled.

For the second time.

Told you they were my favorites.

No caption needed.

Sweet sweet Christmas faces taken at the annual Christmas Brunch.

Christmas morning the boys were ready to play!

Hudson and Wiley are rolling the choo choo back and forth to each other, as Niki looks on.

Side Note:  Don't you just love Niki's haircut!

Christmas morning, Gran took turns reading the boys their new books.

One of my students gave me an assortment of Christmas coffee.  

I enjoyed many cups by the fire and Christmas tree.

Took down the Christmas decorations yesterday.

However, I still enjoyed a cup last night by the fire...

even without the Christmas tree lights dancing in the background.

This is my favorite picture from yesterday.  

Hughes was headed into the woods to meet Kent and do something with a deer stand.

I don't listen to many details when it comes to hunting.

I do know a deer stand, tractor, and a mule was involved.

You should have seen the look on Hughes' face when I told him he could walk in the woods by himself to find daddy.

Such a big boy task...all on his on in the big adventurous forest.

Little did he know Kent was just around the bend (to the left in this picture).

Mama Jean and I a few days after Christmas after a wonderful lunch with family at Murphy's on Main.

Isn't this little cafe adorable!  

And right in the middle of our Hometown!

New Year's Eve we attended the Liberty Bowl followed by a dinner at Folk's Folly.

I might or might not have spent an entire day making fascinators for the ladies! :)

The gentlemen wore bow ties...

of course! :)

Mary Love and Mike

Laurin and Buddy

Rodney and Ethlyn

Pamela and Nick

Group Picture!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year of 2014

from our family!

We wish you lots of love, gratitude, success, and happiness in the coming year!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hello World.

Hello World.

I haven't COMPLETELY abandoned this blog.  

I think of it often.

I tell Kent, often, good blog post titles.  

He just looks at me and smiles.

I don't know if he smiles because he thinks it is the cutest thing ever.

I don't know if he smiles because he thinks I am crazy.

I don't know if he smiles because he thinks, "Blog post.  You didn't even brush your hair today.  How will you have time for that?"

I choose to think he thinks it's the cutest thing ever.

I have many posts rolling around in my head.

Like the difficulties of being away from home from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

or the loss of a brother
(For this I don't know if I will ever be able to understand.  I am not sure I have accepted this reality.)

or the happiness children bring at unexpected times

or friendships made at work

or impressions made by total strangers

or passions that I dream to one day achieve


here are two blog titles and post continue to be reoccurring in my mind:

"Hanging on by two inches of the bed, and a hangnail of sanity."

"How to raise children to be empowered; without feeling entitled?"
(To this I do not have the answer.  Just think it is a conscious effort we need to make.)

On another note: 

Here is one photo that I am just in love with.  It shall be framed. 

One day. 

Who knows when that will be.

Until next time.

Possibly next year.

Possibly next week.


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Breakfast with the Girls

This past Saturday Brandy, Jeanine, Maggie and I got together for an 8 o'clock breakfast!  Brandy and I were both LITERALLY blowing through town for a bit and we got a chance to meet up with Maggie and Jeanine.  

Jackson joined us for breakfast!  He is the cutie patootie sitting beside Hughes in the navy shirt.  Jilly joined us after breakfast at Gran and Papa Sam's house for a play date with the boys!

This turned out to be the best start to my day!

Let's do this again very soon!

Friday, June 8, 2012

God is good...

by: britanny mortimer

Our preacher says this all the time.  I think it is a great reminder and saying!  
Just wanted to share with you all!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Big Daddy and Daddy!

Today is Kent's birthday!

Rodney and Kent share the same birthday!

June 4th!

It is a good day!  

Last night we gathered for a birthday party in honor of some great men in our life!

The Cake was sooo very good!

Father and Son blow out the TWO candles that were on the cake!

One for Rodney and one for Kent stood in each corner of the chocolately goodness.

If I had to guess, Kent is now getting the candle to eat the icing off.

That IS one of the best parts. :)

The almost WHOLE crew

Back Row:  Rodney, Francie, Wiley and Kent
Front Row:  Harlan and Hughes
Counting sheep in a queit peaceful room:  Baby Wilkes :)

The pictures just went down hill....

or up hill...

.... depends on how you look at it!

We look at it as UP hill!  We had a great time and left with full hearts...and tummies...

We are so thankful today for Rodney and Kent and all they mean to us!

Happy Birthday Boys!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Beach Trip

Gran, Ben, Hughes, Wiley and I headed to the beach for a couple of days while Daddy was gone to "Bank Camp" aka: LSU School of Banking.

Before we headed out I whipped up a little beach bag.

Since mine broke a few days before we left! :(

The Sunset Grill is our FAVORITE Lunch spot...and dinner spot too!

Hughes loved the crab claws...once he mastered how to eat them.

Wiley...not so much...

Wiley was tuckered out from all of the beach play!

Yet, Hughes kept on playing!

Mommy and Wiley at lunch!

Ben and Wiley snoozing at lunch!

Mommy and Hughes

The boys did so great on the beach.  They just chilled in the shade and made "dolphins".

We had a great time!

We are already ready to go back! :)