Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Big Daddy and Daddy!

Today is Kent's birthday!

Rodney and Kent share the same birthday!

June 4th!

It is a good day!  

Last night we gathered for a birthday party in honor of some great men in our life!

The Cake was sooo very good!

Father and Son blow out the TWO candles that were on the cake!

One for Rodney and one for Kent stood in each corner of the chocolately goodness.

If I had to guess, Kent is now getting the candle to eat the icing off.

That IS one of the best parts. :)

The almost WHOLE crew

Back Row:  Rodney, Francie, Wiley and Kent
Front Row:  Harlan and Hughes
Counting sheep in a queit peaceful room:  Baby Wilkes :)

The pictures just went down hill....

or up hill...

.... depends on how you look at it!

We look at it as UP hill!  We had a great time and left with full hearts...and tummies...

We are so thankful today for Rodney and Kent and all they mean to us!

Happy Birthday Boys!


Kosek Landing said...

Happy Birthday Kent!!! We will have to come to town and celebrate when we get back!

mark lawrence said...

It would have been a grand celebration then. We also celebrated my son’s birthday last week and it is my husband’s birthday next week. I am majorly looking for event halls for rent. I want a good space so that all our relatives and friends can easily be accommodated.